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有什么样的物理问题可以让人夜不能眠呢?9位物理学家10月15日在加拿大圆周理论物理研究所(Perimeter Institute)召开的从量子到宇宙10周年庆典活动开幕式上给出了以下回答:

Sean Carroll,加州理工学院:为什么物理定律是这个样子的?(Why are the laws of physics the way they are?)

Katherine Freese,密歇根大学:宇宙是由什么组成的?(What is the universe made of?)

Leo Kadanoff,芝加哥大学:复杂性是如何在宇宙中发展起来的?(How does complexity develop in the universe?)

Lawrence Krauss,亚利桑那州立大学:我们到达知识极限了吗?(Have we come to the limits of our knowledge?)

David Tong,剑桥大学:我们该如何知道弦论是否正确?(How will we ever know if string theory is correct?)

Neil Turok, 圆周理论物理研究所负责人:大爆炸的奇点处发生了什么?(What happened at the singularity of the Big Bang?)

Andrew White,昆士兰大学:生命是什么?(What is life?)

Anton Zeilinger,维也纳大学:我们在科学发现的道路上走了多远?(How far are we along the road of scientific discovery?)

Gino Segrè,宾夕法尼亚大学:世界上没有足够的青年物理学家来回答所有这些让座谈小组失眠的大问题。(The world not having enough young physicists to answer all those big questions that keep the rest of the panel awake.)

Quantum to Cosmos

上图左起:Anton Zeilinger,Andrew White,Neil Turok,David Tong,Gino Segrè,Wilson de SIlva,Lawrence Krauss,Leo Kadanoff,Katherine Freese,Sean M. Carroll(摄影:Opal Gamble)


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